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Cordell Walker says:

Your good. I have a problem with wrapping the club around me on the
backswing and getting the club to laid off. Do you have any drills for
that? I would send you the video but it’s only a face on. 

amfohr says:

My pro actually teaches me to move the head of the ball and the sternum
over the inside of my right foot otherwise it would be reverse pivoting he
says. These contradictions go on and on in golf, to bad.

FairwayJack says:

This is a sway …a slide is the lateral movement fwd on the fwd
swing…that’s what I need help on

Johan Klarin says:

excellent! very effective teaching! 

Robert Davies says:

Thanks for that,I was doing the same thing and this has really helped.

Joshua Atkinson says:

hey mate. learning heaps from your videos. keep up the great work


Jeff M says:

great video!

Alan Bonner says:

Excellent vid this is where I’m going wrong with inconstant strikes. Need
to feel I’m getting onto left side more.

Neil Coates says:

thanks for a great lesson Rick, will be out practising and looking forward
to next one 

jamie mclaren says:

Think that could sort my inconsistency out right there, cheers rick great
vid bud.

richard acquaye says:

That’s helped me out on what to work on thanks keep up the good work mate
nice one. 

Colm McCaffery says:

great to watch and listen to Rick, definitely something I can follow and
take to the range to work on – keep it going 

zinc23man says:

Good info, cheers Rick for posting

drawrings says:

This is your second video that I have learned a lot from. Thank you Shiels.

Marcus Teh says:

Great for beginner of me. Thanks

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