Tiger Woods – Ultra Slow Motion (Driver) Torrey Pines (1-25-2013)

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173954borges says:

If you know competitive golf. You would know. That 3 rounds of superb golf
going into a 4th round. windy, cold, and super slow play. Will make anyone
go crazy. So yes his shots were off. I think Tiger is back and he will
learn from that last round how to cope with slow players. He would of been
easy in the minus 20’s.

moreneck1 says:

Hit some massively wayward shots yesterday. Still awesome but driving in
majors is bound to be a problem.

Jim Pringle says:

Awesome modern swing…good leverage thru the ball no flipping.

Jan Jedlička says:

He is going to KILL everyone including Rory the way he plays. I saw a
statistic from Torrey, he was 2nd in driving distance and 10th in driving
accuracy! Are you kidding me? That is insane! Not to mention his improved
distance control and once again laser sharp short game. Impressive to watch.

63Bueno says:

Tiger has hit massively wild shots througout his entire career. In fact,
last year I think he led in total driving for most of the year, and he
wasn’t really all that close in the majors bak 9 Sunday…..He’ll be fine,
I think he led Torrey in overall driving as well despite hitting a few
wayward ones(which didn;t ost him at all)

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