TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Driver Review | Rick Shiels PGA

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Testing the latest 2013 TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Driver with Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre using Flightscope data.

Also clips of the new TaylorMade R1 Driver are included
See which is longest here http://youtu.be/L2UrO2A7Qf8
Watch the TaylorMade R1 review here http://youtu.be/3p3hVVm27NA
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24 thoughts on “TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Driver Review | Rick Shiels PGA

  1. Hey Rick. Could you please do another post on the rbz stage 2. I watched
    your last post on rbz stage 2 and noticed your club speed was around 104.
    And your recent video with the r15 is around 114. The rbz longest in your
    vid was 297 I think and around 310+ with the r15. I’m just wondering if
    that loss of 10mph club head speed would actually result in the rbz still
    being longer. I am only asking as I’m thinking about getting the r15 I
    currently hit rbz stage 2 around 330 meters and i donr wanna waste my money
    for an extra 10 meters. Cheers. 

  2. i just got this club, i hit it 20-30 yards farther on the first drive.
    crushing it off the tee 280-290 all day long, dead straight. previously
    had the TM burner, very unpredictable, slices and hooks. stage 2 RBZ is
    much better!

  3. RBZ Stage 2 was identical in distance to the new Jetspeed in an independent
    test using 5 of the latest TM drivers. It’s the best deal on the market
    right now and more accurate than the SLDR. 

  4. Good review (despite me still hating the white on TMs, I like seeing the
    reviews). If you keep doing to the 10 shots with each driver you review
    (hopefully you’ll do with the Covert in better weather), could you put up a
    comparison chart on your site? Maybe include loft, weather conditions, avg
    distance and dispersion.

  5. ahh new comment. great review. picking mine up tomorrow. glad i waited. now
    $199.99. the only thing id like to have known is which ball brand on each
    shot. good avg though. i like nxt myself….for the money. proVs just
    barely over my budget.

  6. just got this driver, one thing i did notice is that its not very forgiving
    if you dont hit the sweet spot, BUT when you do it absolutely crushes the

  7. I am sooooo looking forward to investing in this club 😀 just outta
    curiosity cuz I’m a bit of a long bomber with my mcgregor nvg2 what flex
    would be a decent choice???? Thx

  8. Very helpful, thanks a lot. My fitting will be in march at TM Eurocenter of
    excellence in Herzogenaurach (Germany) even for the new irons.

  9. RBZ stage 2 has changed my game drastically, but then again it was also the
    first time I have ever been fitted for a driver. I had an T 907 Stiff
    @10.5. After testing all the new gear etc. I was put into a 9.5RBZ dropped
    to an 8, yes an 8 degree, XS with added weight 60g. Upping from stock 50 to
    60 raised swing speed from 104 to 110. I was only at 96 with my old driver
    and carried 225. I am not at 110 swing speed, 160ball speed, and I carried
    a par 4 at 270 last weekend. OMG, I can hit a ball.

  10. Looking a drivers at the moment. Not particularly a TM or RBZ fan but after
    hitting this along with others I have to admit I was impressed. Would be
    interested to hear your thoughts on a comparison between this and the Nike

  11. After watching many of your videos, I went and got fitted for the first
    time. I ended up choosing the RBZ stage 2 over the R1 and Nike Covert
    (those were the top 3 after about 2 hours). I’m using a 9.5 degree head,
    tuned up to 11 degrees, with a stiff shaft. I’m getting about 40 yards more
    on my drives and my slicing is no longer an issue. I love this driver,

  12. Excellent review Rick and a thx for showing us close up of items now. When
    you get a chance, can you review the golf mtrx app , please ? Thx

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