Taylormade RSi1 Taylormade SLDR Irons

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Taylormade RSi1 Taylormade SLDR Irons reviewed and tested by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. See which iron might come out on top from these two TaylorMade golf irons. The RSi1 and they SLDR both feature some similar ideas and are aimed at similar golfers. Play your best golf with the best equipment your can.


Aaron Jay says:

Take it your still using 1900s golf clubs then if you’ve never seen a bit
of golf equipment that can lower someone’s handicap. 

Glyn Taylor-Williams says:

Mark you need to start labelling your videos better. The titles. At the
moment they are not very well designed for SEO. 

John Sadler says:

Shaft lengths are interesting. Just went to Cleveland 588TT. I run with 1
inch over standard being quite tall. Pro fitting said yes 1 inch over
standard. Got the clubs and found them to be 2 inches over standard …
yes, you guessed it. Not only do they tweak the lofts but have lengthened
the shafts. Really feels like they just take a 5 iron and brand it as a 6.
Don’t get me wrong .. love the clubs but maybe manufacturers should discard
club numbering and just disclose the lofts as they do on Wedges. End of the
day, it appears that there’s no such thing as standard.

Jerald Jowers says:

Mark I am new to golf. I know very little about these numbers that you talk
about in the videos. I was hoping that you can explain a bit about these
numbers and how they affect your club chose during purchasing a new club. I
just want to make sure that I am not buying a sales pitch. Thanks for your
time and videos.

Jörg Hellmich says:

Great stuff as usual. Could be interesting to see a comparision between
RSi1 and Rocketbladez as their specs look quite identical (loft & length)

Andrew Rivera says:

Great vids as always Mark, but shouldn’t it be RSi2 v. Sldr irons? they
looked to have more similar toplines to me.

David Eaton says:

I think a comparison with RSi2 and SLDR is a fairer test RSI2 seems to be a
direct replacement to the SLDR 

Nathan Sheers says:

+Mark Crossfield Hay Mark would like to see you do a review on the Srixon Z
745 & Z 545 Irons, they look really nice !! 

brown55061 says:

So the 5i and 6i they provided you with are the same length? That tells me
they’re trying to sell longer clubs to make high handicappers feel better.
Same shaft in both clubs? If not that would be a big difference.

Golfguy076 says:

Did anyone actually buy SLDR irons?

Matthew Rampersad says:

What I look for in a review of a club is that the club is doing what it is
advertising. For RSi1 more consistent across the face. If you watch TM
video with the robot testing you are led to believe that the club delivers
the same distance across the face. Left-centre-right

Orlando Lopez says:

Mark, what does a better player lose by using golf improvement irons?

Vinod Shenoy says:

RSi2 is the replacement for the SLDR

RSi1 is the replacement for the Speedblade.

Come on Mark!

chris kerins says:

Have the SLDR irons.. Love them… Like the feel, look, length and the
lighter shaft suits me perfectly… I have been transferred over from a
Mizuno nut to Taylormade fanboy as you put it Marky mark… Try them guys

M Poulton says:

Mark, could you try and use more than three shots per club, 6 or 7 would
make for far more reliable data and eradicate the error in your so called
“textbook” swing.

KHLthe2nd says:

Best comment: “Let’s see how confused you can be…” It’s like TaylorMade
went from 8 million drivers to 8 millions iron sets.

GENO Dboy says:

+Mark Crossfield why not do the rsi 2 vs sldr …. or rsi1 vs rsi2 one guy
said theres only a 1 yard diffrents 

straight True says:

Interesting. I am in the market for a new set of clubs. I am presently
waiting to have a look at the bladed RSi tp set ( slots o’clock ). Any idea
when you can get your hands on one Mark ? I have tried other manufacturers
clubs but nothing so far ‘feels’ as good as my old RAC tp combo’s with
dynamic gold s300 shafts. I haven’t checked the loft & lie on them in a few
years because I can’t find the original spec anywhere !

Mitchell Goldstein says:

Your really back to demos and training? I so much miss watching you play
golf with your friends.

Nibbs Family says:

It is all about spin and ball speed. The ball speed on the RSi 6 iron is
only 1-2mph slower. So if everything else was the same rsi would be
slightly shorter. BUT the spin of RSi is substantially reduced. If Mark hit
a 6I sldr the spin would probably be 6300-64000 rpm. Rsi spin is only 4600
(4400 most of the time) That’s nearly 2000 rpm less! So similar ball speed
similar height for the 2 clubs (even though one is 6 , the other 7 iron),
but a bit more penetration from the RSi means very similar distances.

Nibbs Family says:

If I want a 180 club, I would probably rather a 5I sldr with 5300rpm than a
6I RSi with 4600 rpm. I can control the ball on the green better.

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