The Golf Swing is so much easier when you know this!

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The Golf swing can be so much easier when we look at a simple system! – Clear, easy to follow and not thinking to much. PGA Instructor Craig Hanson shares with you a wonderful video to improve Mr Average! – How to become a Ball Striker!

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Goog says:

Excellent instruction

Bobby S says:

Yeah, this video pretty much says it all. I like how Craig simplifies stuff and doesn't make it sound like some magic mystery thing going on lol. My clubhead speed is a bit slow and I had not much momentum going through the ball. I thought I was releasing early and come to find out I was releasing a bit late. Great video!

Jane Martin's says:

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Formisdestiny says:

Love you, Craig. Awesome content.

omar khan says:

If I do this and release it it goes left hook or pull

Gwen Blanchard says:

hi did the knee drill gave me more right side bend and i shot 83 play off 15.1 going to work on the through swing victor

Mike Rodrick says:

Hi Craig; my concern with the release of the wrists move is that it's based on great timing which 90% of golfers just don't have & are not possibly capable of doing with any consistency. Obviously, anything new requires practice & hundreds if not thousands of repetitions to ingrain. Even world class players take a long time to make swing changes & make them work on the course. You mentioned the wrist bow which can cause a hook & other issues if overdone or the rest of the swing isn't matched to the closed face at impact although if done properly will give a nice draw. If these moves weren't so reliant on timing, they'd be great but most of us aren't accomplished players who are capable of the consistency required.

CraigHansonGolf says:

The most Detailed! 60 separate series

Sara Carter says:

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Jimmy Vrayetno says:

Thank you Sir. Nice tips.

Martin Hardman says:

Brilliant! Been working on rotation all summer. Right knee beating the hands works! And that release drill of grip to target is magic!

John Michael Saraceno says:

Absolutely, Craig so many people are concerned with a massive back swing and impact position and fail to work on extention and length of club travel on the front part, (the business end), of the swing.

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