The Secret of the RIght Arm

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For your own personal swing analysis from me, please visit A video detailing the magic of the right arm, with drills and video analysis of Tiger Woods, Lee Westwood, and Dustin Johnson. How training your right arm can enhance your accuracy and distance


FreeGolfSchool says:

Zach, I think you just saved my golf game. Thanks for the tip! Coach

Jackknifegyp says:

Best example of right elbow use i’ve seen and simple aid of a belt.

Thank you.

Lisa Yu says:

my head will move along with my shoulder. any drill to prevent that? thank
U Zach! 

Nana Annor Amihere says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

g scribling says:

You’re trying to teach the result of an action and hope that it will
somehow create the cause. It doesn’t work like that. This is why so many
people struggle with golf. Strapping your arm to your chest isn’t going to
teach anyone how to do what should have caused that to happen naturally.
Luckily, you do show the cause at 4:47. John Daly performs an action that
he, Dustin Johnson, Rory and most of the Korean women golfers do that is
the key to golf. The club head remains behind and below the right shoulder
and the shoulder plane and approaches the ball almost upside-down. This is
the action that is the cause of the effects you’re trying to teach. Teach
the cause and the effects all happen naturally. In order to keep that
clubhead behind and below the right shoulder you have to let it drop
backward and down in what feels like the absolute opposite direction it
needs to be moving but when you turn the body through the ball this brings
the clubhead directly to the ball and squares the face without effort or
timing. It’s the same way a child swings the club – there can be no
attempt to control the face of the club and the ball is struck off the
right shoulder not in front of the chest. Look at John Daly, is he facing
the ball? No, he’s next to it, facing the target and he hasn’t even hit it
yet. When you perform this move in slow motion it will feel like you’d
arrive at the ball with your right palm facing the sky and the clubface
parallel to the target line, but the engineering of the club prevents that
and squares it up like magic when done at full speed. The crazy thing is
that it takes almost no effort to do this move. From the top of the back
swing if you let gravity and inertia power the club instead of your
forearms this move is easy. Graham does this at 5:40 – watch the club at
the top move away from his head and downward flattening the shaft plane.
This feels like screwing in a light bulb on a wall near your right
shoulder with your right hand. We’ve all tried to manipulate the club for
so long that relinquishing this control is very difficult at first. The
only action the golfer has to do is relax and turn the body toward the
target. Relaxing the wrists and forearms allows the clubhead to drop
straight down flattening the shaft plane (as all great ball strikers do)
and turning the body toward the target yanks the clubhead forward, which is
already moving downward and therefore speeds it’s motion and the turning of
the body brings the clubhead to the ball. All of this is happening behind
your right shoulder. This is how John, Dustin, Rory, Mo Norman, and Hogan
all have that effortless and confident strike while they’re facing the
target. Facing the ball in order to hit it, just because that’s the way
you addressed it, is a horrible idea. The hardest part of this move is
having no concern about the clubface and just allowing it to do what it
needs to and what it was engineered to do.
Think about this, you can’t possibly teach someone to have a full and
extended release through the ball that hasn’t approached the ball
correctly. It just can’t happen. If you focus on fixing the results
instead of the cause you’ll never make a change and chances are the person
will be so frustrated they’ll want to quit golf. More mops doesn’t fix the
leak. Fix the leak and you don’t need a mop.
I used to think your videos were great because they talked about what I’d
been trying to learn, until I learned this move and everything I was trying
to do happened as a result. I had to create the cause to get the result.
As hard as I tried to achieve the results without having the cause, I just
couldn’t do it, and as a matter of fact I hurt myself trying.
There are a few teachers attempting to teach this move but it’s so
misunderstood that it’s mostly disregarded. Hogan told us about this move
and we all thought we understood but we didn’t and continued to ask what
his secret was. He told us several times. It’s not easy to explain and
so many people say, “yeah, yeah, I get it,” but clearly don’t. It’s no
wonder Hogan quit talking about it. 


very useful and helpful, thank you sir

Gio Pol says:

Right arm close to the body is a must for each golf swing.
This does not imply that the right arm must be “attached” to the body, this
occurs to golfers who use to drop the club at the top of the backswing (see
Andy Garcia slowmo clips) or to golfers who use to squat a lot (see Rory
Other players, like for example Ernie Els or Luke Donalds, who dont drop
the club and dont squat a lot, keep their right arm of course very “close”
to the body, but not so “attached” to the body as we see in the above Zach
So this video is very useful, drill well worth to try and repeat, but it
is not a bible.
Concept is right arm close, to what extent “close” to the body depends on
your swing.
My 2 cents here…

James Grufferty says:

great tip for improving your golf swing #golfswingsecret #golfing
#golfswingspeed #golfswing #golfireland 

Bourne Accident says:

Very helpful tip. Thanks.

Matt Martin says:


ZeppelinFan70 says:

this is golden

Ady Harris says:

Excellent advice. never seen any pro’s talk about this b4 Thanks for

Alan S. says:

I have played golf for about 35 years now. I taught myself from Ben Hogans
book the 5 fundamentals of the modern golf swing. I was a 2 handicap at
one point. Zach is exactly right. What I do is take the club back with my
upper right arm glued to my body. Its very difficult when you first try it
because its so restrictive and you feel like there is no power in the
swing. However it is exactly the opposite. Zach is right because he
explains that your body powers the right arm through the swing. It is
impossible to fade or slice the ball with this swing unless you are an
advanced golfer unlike me. Keeping your right upper arm glued or close to
your body restricts your backswing which makes this swing very simple
especially for seniors like me at 62 years old. The only thing I think of
is extending my arms, especially my right arm at impact. You will not
believe how well this also works out of the rough. It powers the club
right through tall grass. I love his drill with the belt. I’m going to
try it.

William Bush says:

Moe Norman, said to be one of the best ball strikers of all time; did this
too perfection. This video and the one about dropping the club at the
beginning of the downswing…he called it “the vertical drop and the
horizontal tug”.

Marco K says:

isnt this disconnection coming from scooping?

rdougw says:

Luckily you were not the coach for Jack, Phil, Bubba , Tom Watson etc.
Don’t you know how to differentiate the two types of swings, and have
lessons and tips for both of them? You seem to suggest that there is only
one way to swing the club.

Chris Ritchie says:

I have no problems with distance but my accuracy 7 outa 10 times sucks!! I
will be taking an extra belt to the range next time!!

ryan molina says:

john daly from waist high to impact was amazing

JayZoop says:

this method is what the great Ben Hogan did. It helps to keep the upper
body in sink with the lower body where all the power comes from. When
practicing this just don’t forget that the left arm is still the main
pivot. Right hand should be relaxed but the right elbow comes down.

Pablo Carcavallo says:

Excellent advice. Thanks for sharing.

eagleonpar4 says:

John Daly is a fat piece of shit….shouldnt be allowed on tour. Disgrace
to the sport

Hector Lee says:

Excellent piece of instruction Zach.One little adjustment and I am no
longer slicing and losing yards. The game is so much more enjoyable these
days. Thank you

Brett Henson says:

Zach you are an excellent instructor, wish I lived in cali. Keep up the
good work

Re Golfklubb Treningsgrupper says:
schutzrr says:

Excellent video. I sprayed a little foot powder on my driver face to
examine impact on the face. Too many towards the heel (club getting
further away during down swing). Another example of the need to keep the
right arm in close.


i tried this at the driving range and i hit the ball beautifully thank you

dfly2006 says:

The secret dosen’t lie in my right arm. I am a left handed golfer. No big
deal to most, but saying “front” and “back” would make more sense.

hardcoremofo says:

I can do that if only I had started playing at 5 years old. 

hasbi abbas says:

i am suitable this swing, i ,ll
try and i hope i will hit long distance thanks

Pebble Beach says:

When I am swinging my best , both arms are getting past the ball without
tension, post impact. Add to that a flat left wrist, bingo you’re swinging
at an elite level of golf. The swing you’re teaching is from the 1970-80
were players having to flip at impact because they were so stuck. Modern
day golfers are covering the ball, Nick Faldo the forefather of today’s
elite swingers & teachers. 

Kurt Justin says:

would seem I Am extending the right arm too thinking was unload at
the ball .hmmmm

Richard Montfort says:

Hogan use to place a belt on His friends in this way. Think about that.

ray blackburn says:

Very nice thanks for sharing!

jabooky15 says:

im no golf pro or coach but it seems that his student just has a problem
rotating through, his hips look like they stop rotating and he gets really
“armsy” through impact, thats just what it looked like tome bc if he
cleared his hips and through his arms like that i dont even think hed make
contact with the ball. PLEASE NOONE THINK IM 100% RIGHT ABOUT THIS, ITS

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