TOUR X GOLF (Golfers Heaven)

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TOUR X GOLF (Golfers Heaven)
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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre visits Tour X Golf in Warrington with owner and master club fitter Nick Hibbs.

32 thoughts on “TOUR X GOLF (Golfers Heaven)

  1. Tour x is a top quality fitting centre! Got fitted this year and loved
    every second of it! Nick is generally a lovely guys and provides accurate
    details on what clubs to use and also abit of golf tips! Cant wait to

  2. He is a top bloke, know his stuff and makes you feel very relaxed even when
    you hit the bad ones!!! I got driver shaft off him 3 years ago and when I
    needed new irons thought of no one else. He custom built my irons after
    trying all the options, nick made sure I hit more till I was completely
    happy, he is patient to a fault and never makes you feel rushed. The result
    is a top class service…if you need to travel its worth it!!
    Trust me I will be entering the competition and will be sure to be back
    there as many times as possible. You will pay more swapping badly fitted
    clubs that getting the best, so do yourself a favour and get nick to fit

  3. Tour X Golf is superb and Nick is a top bloke, I went to see him for a
    fitting when I was pretty new to Golf, he put me on trackman for an hour
    and in the end recommended I go and get some lessons! lol – excellent
    advice, he sorted out the lofts and lies and my irons and said he would
    sell me a driver when I had my swing sorted, great service, give it a go.

  4. Interesting video Rick, but that bloody background music was awful lol, I
    know it’s hard to choose a background tune, but this one was bad IMO.
    Looking forward to the rest of the series

  5. Really excited about this series. I just went through a custom fitting on a
    new set of X2 Hot Pro irons myself and have been very happy with the

    Wondering, will you be posting the rest of the 3 wood comparison?

  6. Nick Hibbs is a top guy. I was fitted for a driver at Tour X around 18
    months ago and would not now buy another driver without seeing Nick first

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