Trevino on US Ryder Cup

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Ball Striker says:

Supermex is right.

Peter Bond says:

I agree with some of the people here…after watching the 2012 Ryder Cup,I
would not take Tiger Woods on my team. He is one of the greatest player,but
not a good player with a team…He’s a solo guy,a very good solo guy.

sepiarien yt says:

Tex Mex telling it like it is.

rw5791 says:

the man makes a lot of sense but tell me this.The americans won with tiger
out of action and they lose when he comes back on the team…..waz up wit

watchinginawe says:

That’s a cheap shot. Why can’t you listen to someone who’s been there and
done it – Lee is talking a lot of sense here. How often did they lose when
Lee was in the team?

deanw0rmer says:

Lee is right. The problem is the tour went the other way with the
qualifying school. It’s gonna get worse. Too many primodonnas out there now
worried about gallery in their “through line” smh

rw5791 says:

@6Ott7 I’d like to go OJ on you,dat’s fer damn sure.I’ll cut your fuckin’
head off,just like your idol oj simpson.

deanw0rmer says:

He’s talking about Gary McCord when he mentions who got the 125 rule. The
guys on the policy board were mostly guys who never made the top 60

easypeesyjapanese says:

He has point, though: the Ryder Cup is getting embarrassing. Maybe the USA
should invade South Africa, Fiji and Australasia just so they can have a
sporting chance at it this time. I mean, karma has been having a field day
with The Home of The Brave since that chinless c0ck Justin Leonard and his
cohorts rushed the green while Olazabal still had a putt to half the hole.
USA – I ask you.

weerdo08 says:

yea. euros will win in wales me thinks. 🙁

nikeshirts says:

I have Lee’s autograph on a hat

jr55ful says:

amen. get rid of the welfare tour.

joesakic91 says:

No Tiger Woods, no problem. The U.S. wins the 2008 Ryder Cup over Europe

Kaptainrdean says:

Been drinking again Lee??

easypeesyjapanese says:

Man, I cant argue with that: you guys played better than we did some
phenomenal golf, by the way – and had a team spirit Ive never seen in an
America side before. So: you deserved to win and I doth my cap to you. See
you in two years.

6Ott7 says:

@joesakic91 After watching the 2008 Ryder Cup, I said one thing to myself.
Never have the Ryder Cup in a Southern Hic state ever again. The fans were
shameful in their behavior and it was just fucking embarrassing knowing the
whole world was watching these rednecks make us look like fools.

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