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In this video Neil Tappin and Joel Tadman offer some pointers about your equipment choices. Many golfers have ideas about what might be best for them but sometimes these can be based on pre-conceptions that are wrong. Of course, this can lead to you spending money on golf gear that isn't quite right for you. In this video they look at what the 10 biggest golf gear myths are!

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Keegan says:

1:14 (Background) Found it! No wait Callaway, mine's a srixon.

Michael Slinger says:

11. There there are high/low launch and spin shafts


I am actually a tennis player trying to play golf. I just can't quite understand why I'm not suppose to put topspin on the golf ball????? Also, is grunting allowed on the golf course?

Niguel says:

Do you know of a full fitting service in Southern Spain?

Michael Detwiler says:

Another myth is you should be playing new or nearly new clubs. I did upgrade from 22 year old Orlimar irons to 10 year old Hogan irons. Playing better than ever and beating my buddies who buy new or nearly new….down below a 10 hcp for the first time in 25 years.

William Schultz says:

Using anything other than a wood tee peg is a myth.

Kevin Wood says:

I play graphite shafts in every club except the putter, easier on my older body

Golfer Ronny says:

That is really cool! I bet that would put spin on the ball. My friend has one of those and loves it.

You can improve your game, lower your score and have more fun with the Spin Doctor Golf wedge.

Check out > spindoctorgolf.com

Andy Green says:

I recently lost my 60 degree wedge. Best thing thats happened as I have focused on being good with one wedge rather than poor with two.

Richard Swayze says:

Golf Companies have been claiming 10 more yards every year with their new driver for the last 10 years… I should be up to 350 yards off the tee by now! I hit my old Callaway Steelhead Plus (year 2000) fairway woods within 10 yards of the new ones. Its more like 1 or 2 yards per year .

Bob Pegram says:

Although it usually true, longer clubs do not always reduce accuracy or consistency. If longer clubs fit the player better they will increase both. That often applies to taller players who don't have long arms, and/or swing flatter, and/or have a high waist which raises the position of the hands. I have all 3 so I use clubs that look like they should be used by a huge, muscular player. I am 6 feet tall and weigh about 170 lbs. By the way, 2 inches of extra length play a whole flex softer. I use X flex, but they play like S flex. They are all graphite or the clubs would be way too heavy at those extra lengths.

Paul Sanou says:

Myth 11 you can’t play everyday.

Paul Sanou says:

There is a high handicapper searching for his ball in the background in myth 10.

oatechaosincycles says:

That last one isn't true. Pros have stronger lofts and stiffer shafts because they can physically generate more speed with better contact which gets the ball in the air where ams cannot. Bottom line, get the clubs YOU like and have fun.

NLbaymen Fortune Bay says:

I am a high handicap golfer always used cb or mb irons however for this coming season I've bought blades I figure if I cant get better might as well play bad in style

Hangfire says:

Another big myth is that you cannot find a competent video editor… you know, someone who knows how to mix consistent volume levels throughout the entire video.

Nathan Golf says:

Can u use a distance ball for irons and woods and driver but change to a spinning ball on the greens

Golf Fin says:

My biggest golf myth is that I know what I'm doing

Gord Ross says:

Love that at 1:12 there is a fellow in the background looking for a lost ball.

Gary Wilson says:

I was always told as a high handicapper I should use a higher lofted, higher spin driver. After struggling with several drivers over the years, I got fitted for the first time and ended up with a 9 degree lofted sub zero driver. Total opposite to what I thought I needed. My driver game is pretty consistent now, I hit most fairways and I added 60 yards to my drives.

Bill Weston says:

Nonsense about putters. Manufacturers would love us to pay fortunes for their latest branding iron,
but the best putters over the years have ALL used heel-shafted blade putters—-Bobby Locke,
Ben Crenshaw, Jack Nicklaus for most of his career, Lee Trevino, Tom Watson, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Bobby Jones, Billy Casper, Walter Hagen and so many others.

John Walker says:

I would rather spend £400 on lessons than on a club which masks a swing fault.

Graeme Day says:

Can someone ask Joel to stand still and not waft around like wheat in the wind

Pa Casia says:

Tour pros have similar equipment except hot melt, grinds, etc. that makes huge difference

Matt Spors says:

I have a tour edge exs 9° lowered to 8° with a tensi blue 70 stiff shaft. My back spin is 3,000 to 4,500 rpm?? Club head speed 110 to 115mph. Help! My carry is 260 to 270yrds

joe bradley says:

Would you PLEASE either turn the music down or talk a little louder so we don't have to turn the volume up & down for every number every time you list a new myth. I don't complain ever but this is over the top.

Stephen DiBari says:

Great list and enjoyed watching this… i think you covered all the myths. So true about handicap and stereotypical clubs. I’m a 2.4 yet my iron game is inconsistent.. my driver and short game especially putting are my key areas. Last season 2019 ( I didn’t play at all in 2020 due to Shoulder surgery in Dec 2019 and COVID-19 in April/May) my ARCCOS putting stats showed an average of one 3 putt every 36 holes. Best putting ever. Wedge game (chipping and pitching) are always excellent. So my irons next year will most likely be Ping i210’s . Need forgiveness in a players iron

Peter McGill says:

So, not so much myths, but there is a need to understand each and every underlying reason to these statements…

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