96th PGA Championship *2014* Final Round ,Valhalla GC

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Rhesa Ananta says:

THANKS SO MUCH you don’t know how muchhh I appreciate it, cannot thank you
enough. ´╗┐

DiamondHoe11 says:

Phil got robbed. Nuf said ´╗┐

Bala Ganapavarapu says:

Thank youuuu sooooo much!!!!´╗┐

Peter Anderson says:

thanks for putting this up, really enjoyed it. may you be in heaven a half
an hour before the devil knows your dead:)´╗┐

revman417 says:

grateful thanks for providing this coverage…do you have the final round
of the Open at Hoylake by any chance please?´╗┐

Ball Striker says:

Do you happen to have the Greenbrier Classic 2014? Thanks!´╗┐

c02615223 says:

4:06:50 … the starting of the best Golf shot hit by any man in 2014.
Thats situation, course, pressure, major everything combined. ´╗┐

Chris Masson says:

You have no idea how much I appreciate these uploads! Thanks MrEndie77!´╗┐

Chris Bien says:

Thanks a lot, I was at the tournament and forgot to record it on DVR. Good
to see all the great golf that I missed.´╗┐

SuperRayrobinson says:

Great upload.

Absolute madness that Phil and Ricky let Rory hit up the last with them.

Let him play in the dark.´╗┐

Remy Boileau says:

Great of you to post this…had to watch one of the best finals with such
great shots..
Thanks again
Dr. L´╗┐

Dave Robinson says:

great coverage, can anyone explain the impulse to yell “get in the hole”?
It’s idiotic.´╗┐


96th PGA Championship *2014* Final Round ,ValhallÔÇŽ:

Geoffroy Hays says:

Very nice, thanks Mr Endie:)´╗┐

Ila Punoose says:

Mr Endie,
Thank you so much for this post. I missed it because of work.

Xan Milligan says:

You are my hero Mr Endie´╗┐

Dave H says:

You’re the best!!!!´╗┐

God of War says:

Mr. Endie77 I have only one thing to say: I LOVE YOU MAN!! :-)´╗┐

Missy Mandel says:

mr endie you made my day, my recording that i watched last night ran out
with 5 holes to go, i was very down still did not know who won and found
this. wow that was great to see the end. h´╗┐

MattGolfTV says:

Thanks for posting´╗┐

Family Guy Cutaways says:

hi, who knows tiger woods? i think he’s a golf player yeah?´╗┐

Aman Misra says:

MrEndie77 delivers again!!!
Thank you sir!´╗┐

John Alexanian says:

I could watch Rory’s birdie putt on 13 forever 4:50:10 .´╗┐

Simon Cooper says:

Mr Endie, you are a godsend! Thanks for a great screening. Any chance of
the last day of the open? Thank you again.´╗┐

TimJoFern says:

Thank you. Keep em coming. Great coverage. ­čÖé ­čÖé :)´╗┐

juanfus says:

thank uuuuu!!´╗┐

Greg Scott says:

This is good. I’m really surprised you can put a 6 hour video on YouTube.´╗┐

BVDBABY1 says:

On behalf of everyone else who’s had a dreadful experience with the bank
Santander…fuck you McIlroy you rat-faced turd!´╗┐

matt atkinson says:

butch harmon has ruined what was the most machine like athletic perfect
simplest most elegant sing in golf, sack him off rickie go back to your old
style, keep your hands out of the shot and work on your putting more that’s
where you’re gonna win, your ball striking was remarkable´╗┐

Greg Shafer says:

Does it stay on here for a long time?´╗┐

1badduc996 says:

I was sitting on the 18th green the whole final round, so I missed what was
going on the rest of the course. Because of the rain my DVR didn’t get the
last few holes. Thank you very much for this.´╗┐

Gerry H says:

Endie you are awesome´╗┐

yimpact83 says:


Lindo Sibisi says:

You are brilliant!!!´╗┐

Ian Letham says:

Great to see this!´╗┐

liam f says:

They should have played the last hole as a 4 ball FFS, Think of all the
fans who had payed and turned up to watch.
It would have pissed me right off if they had called it off on the last
hole. He was not going to throw it away on the last hole´╗┐

Frolijanac says:

… very grateful for the vids.
But after i looked the game I have problems with my eyes, … and to play
Is it posible the upload the games with a better quality? … MrEndie? ;)´╗┐

Ignacio Rodr├şguez says:

Thanks a lot Endie , YOU ROCK!!,…´╗┐

dennis ternemar says:


Brian Gildea says:

thanks. any chance for The Barclays Round 1? I was there in person and
would like to watch again if possible, thanks´╗┐

Phil Kessel says:

that bunker shot from rory on 17 just isnt fair, i think jacks record is
still gonna be safe but if he wants it enough he could come close´╗┐

Michael Childress says:

Excellent golfing. ´╗┐

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