96th PGA Championship *2014* Final Round ,Valhalla GC

Enjoy the ‘ US PGA Championship' Final Round ,from Valhalla Golf Club, Louisville, Kentucky.
Prize Money : $1.8 million
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42 thoughts on “96th PGA Championship *2014* Final Round ,Valhalla GC

  1. mr endie you made my day, my recording that i watched last night ran out
    with 5 holes to go, i was very down still did not know who won and found
    this. wow that was great to see the end. h´╗┐

  2. butch harmon has ruined what was the most machine like athletic perfect
    simplest most elegant sing in golf, sack him off rickie go back to your old
    style, keep your hands out of the shot and work on your putting more that’s
    where you’re gonna win, your ball striking was remarkable´╗┐

  3. I was sitting on the 18th green the whole final round, so I missed what was
    going on the rest of the course. Because of the rain my DVR didn’t get the
    last few holes. Thank you very much for this.´╗┐

  4. They should have played the last hole as a 4 ball FFS, Think of all the
    fans who had payed and turned up to watch.
    It would have pissed me right off if they had called it off on the last
    hole. He was not going to throw it away on the last hole´╗┐

  5. … very grateful for the vids.
    But after i looked the game I have problems with my eyes, … and to play
    Is it posible the upload the games with a better quality? … MrEndie? ;)´╗┐

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