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Rick Shiels PGA says:


The dream team are back together in Dubai! Hope you enjoy with @PfGolfPro

davemucky says:

Threesome with Blair and golfer girl your smash factor will be through the
roof for 20 seconds 

GrandaddyCrunk says:

Masters starts the week after next. The 9th.

Joshua Payne says:

+Peter Finch Golf you are too funny my friend!

Michael Ruppel says:

playing bethpage black in may!

Lee Wilson says:

Brilliant show lads, had me in stitches

Ben Crinion says:

Pete get some decent sun glasses while you’re out there.

David Curtin says:

Awesome guys! Haha love the crossfield copyright lmfao 🙂 

Rich Glover says:

Is there some bad blood with you and Crossfield haha? That match has to
happen. Please.

joe darby says:

Just personal preference but if the finch is in your videos I don’t watch.
Just long enough to confirm he’s present. Sorry but keep doin what you’re
doin rick. Otherwise, you have my gang glued in and love what you do. 

Stuart Pollock says:

Green fees last year were about £50 with a 2 for 1 voucher but regular
guest fees are about £100 for a lot of the courses I played over there. And
the greens are lightning fast. Made it pretty difficult getting back into
golf and they were the first courses to play after 15 year break hahah

gordon o'riordan says:

I cant believe that after getting a card and munchies that Pete wouldn’t
choose Blair. By the way the symbol on the bottom of the card was from a
Pink Floyd album, A Collection of Great Dance Songs

whogg0521 says:

Hook a couple of bruthas up. Now that shit was funny.

Carl Rushton says:

Living the dream you lucky sods!! Enjoy

Nigel Day says:

Top Show guys ;)) great last 5 minutes … 

Cole Connor says:

Why is the quality so low 

Dan Carey says:

Very entertaining as ever. Thank you both for all your videos. Well said
Rick re the question about Blair and Jasmine.

Kr0pD says:

(just forgot the coffee and milk)

streamleazefishhouse says:

Off course you guys do a lot of stealing you come from Manchester :P

whogg0521 says:

With both…really? You said that? Good on ya’!!! lol.

Rick Howarth says:

Good show. Gets better & better. 

Brisbane Golf Course Reviewer says:

+Rick Shiels PGA Looks like you have a crack in you Iphone 6 screen, what
happened there mate. Big night on the town with Carter & Finch? (loose

David Simmons says:

Threesome, with Finchy on Camera!! You Tube Gold.

Ian Roberts says:

Bit of sunshine and a bit of beer make for 2 naughty boys. Tut tut tut
3some indeed !!!! 🙂 🙂 

MikeBingo1 says:

Can’t believe you guys didn’t answer my question about bunker mentality
nipple clamps, Jasmine liked that one #truestory

robgom777 says:

Jimmy Walker won Valero Texas Open by 4 strokes over Jordan Speith.

J. Walker -11
J. Spieth -7
B. Horschel -4
D. Summerhays -3
C. Hadley -3
D. Johnson -2

Alastair Hadley says:

C’mon guys, less of the sexist stuff and innuendos, I thought you were
above all that sort of stuff. Focus on making golf fun.

Zookie Budeck says:

Great Show As ever.
But Rick was drunk, or :-)))

Michael Garibay says:

I love having days off work to watch this shit and play golf! Sounds like
Shiels went into the woods with Jasmine and came out a tiger! This vid
showed your true colors, well done fella’s. BTW hook a brother up with
some free clubs!

WHUFCarl says:

Thanks for answering my question guys! We can pretend I meant “play golf”
if u wanna but i dont think anyone is buying it! ;)

Michael Kankaew Josefsson says:

Awesome show…again guys.

Matthew Richardson says:

This is brilliant, been missed! Fantastic questions too

Fraser 23 says:

Pete Finch on the Vodka Cokes?

Mark Dean says:

Enjoy guys!!

John Dough says:

What was in that iced tea?

paul hughes says:

Happy anniversary 

Strat TelePaul says:

Needing a birdie at 18, Nicklaus would be the first choice as he always had
an uncanny ability to birdie 18, especially when “he” needed it.

I would not want to have a world ranking. It would make it more difficult
to take money off of braggards.

Isaac Caine says:

Great show guys, i played at the MaaaJilis Course and its a great course!
How long are you guys out there for?

sleavitt10 says:

Rick TOTALLY hit that.

dmp327 says:

this show summed up in one word. cheeky.

MurphySG24 says:

Was that saying Mark needs to win an event to get a swing analysis and
implication that you guys are going to play him? Bit of trash talk trying
to get in his head already!

Phill Rudd says:

You’ve got me wondering about my efficiency now as my meagre 98mph swing is
only going around 230yds according to game golf.

Fun show as usual guys. Enjoy Dubai, when I was there it was Ramadan so an
awful experience for me.

Happy anniversary too Mr & Mrs RS

rebel4669 says:

length is very overrated. I only hit it 250 with the driver, maybe 170 5
iron, 140 8 iron and have a 3 hdcp. And my putting is s***. keep the ball
in play. play smart. always use enough club. the game gets easy with better
course management.

wombatman88 says:

Blair is just………… phwooooooaarrrrr!!! 

murrayculix says:

Finch is a douche why do you guys suport his channel?

caponezone says:

What no tea?

mikeygee2007 says:

Proper funny !! Love the golfer girl questions!!

Cole Connor says:


James Major says:

Great comments about the swing speed….The rest is just fluff.

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