Golf Club Face Open Golf Lesson

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Golf Club Face Open Golf Lesson. This is another golf lesson from Mark Crossfield where Mark challenges your ideas around golf coaching and teaching ideas. Mark talks club face control and how maybe a open face is not quite what you have always though it was.


Clayton Landells says:

if you had asked “are there more ways than just opening and closing the
face at address to change the dynamic loft and can you deliver the same
loft with the face open or closed at address?” instead of “does an open
face increase loft”, then I think you might have had some more informed
answers. Just a thought´╗┐

Peter Fong says:

Mark, we need a part 2 of this video on how to fix a trailing club head.
One of your better more informative videos!´╗┐

ThisLadWayne says:

I woke up thinking about this, perfect timing´╗┐

Dave Heaton says:

Ding, ding, ding, light bulb switched on haha – don’t know any light bulbs
that ding like but…. makes total sense now – I’ve had a feeling that the
club head is behind my hands through impact (but never thought about the
consequences really). However I’ve also got a slice, well here is me trying
everything to sort it (well obviously not everything), when one (potential)
fix could be that my hands are in front of the club head, hence club face
open to path. For me, these videos are just a wealth of information, I’m a
casual player who does want to improve, but hasn’t exactly got the most
vast catalogue of knowledge at my disposal, and so to see such information
really does inspire me to go out a practice at something other than just
aimlessly hitting balls down the range so I feel “prepared” for a round on
the course. Cheers mark, great stuff again.´╗┐

Gino Lopriore says:


Creit oz says:

You just solved my problem! I’ve been having this exact problem, I would
probably never figure out it was because of this…´╗┐

paul hutchinson says:

Class teaching… Love Mark sharing the knowledge giving us more power to
improve. Cheers Mark´╗┐

Andrew Foulds says:

And that’s why you are the golf guru #awsome ´╗┐

THIS GUY says:

+Mark Crossfield im a lefty and i cant help but hit faded shots,(not
slice’s) because my club face is open and puts spin on the ball. when
ever i go to hit a draw it goes straight. and my divots and pointing way
out the the right. should i worry about this even tho im a scratch
player? if u read that cheers! keep up the vids. ´╗┐

Vincent Sandford says:

Mark great video – I always wondered about the difference between dynamic
loft and actual loft of a club. Now I know: thanks for the explanation. I
guess the test was conducted with a 4 iron MP54 of 24 degrees actual loft?
For in between shots say a 6 or 7 iron distance I’ve always favoured
pushing the hands forward of a 7 iron making the loft more like a weak 6
iron to carry the distance but this had varying results. Thanks to this
video I understand the reason why – maybe I didn’t keep the dynamic or
desired at impact. Interesting. Thanks´╗┐

P-M Meiners says:

Great explanation Mark! Thanks!´╗┐

Lee (formerly Cahnt) says:

Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Mark. I used to do drills to promote
hand release / hand action (jim flick, david blair stuff) which led to
doing the opposite error to that of dragging the handle through, namely
flipping the hands pre-impact. Hence i present a closed clubface and hit
shots left.´╗┐

27G27G27 says:

Very interesting. This sort of video is right up my street as I am a very
technical person and knowing these three ways of changing loft will give me
more weapons in my armoury to explain (and hopefully fix) some of my bad
shots. I’ve got a lesson at the range tonight so I’ll experiment with this
a bit.

Thanks again for all the videos.´╗┐

Thomas Barker says:

If said for years that adjustable drivers create major issues! If you
change the “loft” settings on most of them it changes the face angle only!
This changes “effective” loft only not “actual” loft. And creates a need
for pushing the handle forward or backward to compensate thus changing
“dynamic loft”. IMO better to be fit with proper loft with neutral/ square
club face that requires less adjustment in shaft lean/tilt´╗┐

dh05z28 says:

Would you agree that plane angle is basically what you are explaining at
this point? If you’re too vertical or flat or forward hands or late hands,
these all make for different shots. Correct?´╗┐

Jean Jacques says:

It is very interessting but it doesn’t bring an answer to my problem. I
struggle with to high ball with my driver but my attack angle is great, it
is about 0 degres but my dynamic loft with an 8.5 driver is 16 degres and i
don’t know how to reduce it ! Please someone help me !´╗┐

Sean Regnier says:

I heard this from another youtuber: The way tiger woods hits a cut shot is
by feeling like the top of his left hand is facing target for as long as
possible. It is similar to feeling like the handle is leaning forward. Lots
of players play cuts or fades by opening the face with their grip when you
can just feel the sensation that Mark is talking about´╗┐

h71y6 says:

This is gold. I realized the same thing quite recently and it did help my
game improve. Keep it up!´╗┐

Michael Floyd says:

Figured out 2 of the 3 ways to add or take away loft. Love this video. You
should do videos about the “theory” of the swing.´╗┐

Paul Brunt says:

Fantastic video mark. I can honestly say I would have been one of those
students that gave you a funny look. Makes sense now though.
Thanks again´╗┐

Floyd says:

This video is absolute GOLF EDUCATION!! Thank you.´╗┐

Jake Garcia says:

Can you do a video on how to hit a high draw and a high fade using the
proper technique of opening and closing the face?´╗┐

Josh Cloyd says:

One of the most thought provoking, informational videos I have seen. Great
job on this one Mark.´╗┐

burtonsb145 says:

im sure mark is convinced he is reinventing the wheel here or something.
This is not new information and most keen golfers who actually want to
improve will understand this …..all the comment from people who don’t
understand generally aren’t that bother about improvement and more causal´╗┐

jimbofatplum says:

ahh so no wonder im hitting low slices/fades with the driver .I moved my
hands forward thinking im closing the face to stop slicing!´╗┐

Austin Farmer says:

Interesting. I’ve never thought about shaping shots in that way. I’ll have
to give it a go! Thanks!´╗┐

sburkeyboy says:

Wow great vid Mark.
Sometimes I hit the odd squirty one to the right when I’m knocking it down.
I now understand why.
Thanks, this vid should really help my knock downs. ´╗┐

casinoexp says:

Great lesson. Something brand knew I never thought of. How about proper
club position based on Wrist control I or cupped wrist at different parts
of swing. You did a great lesson on the driver that had over 400,000 hits.
You should talk about proper head position throughout the swing. Especially
the top. ´╗┐

CapitalHero says:

It feels like waaaay to long since we had some course VLOG’s – I really
enjoy them and look forward till the next! Hopefully they start becoming
more regular again´╗┐

1PsTaN1 says:

Very informative … explains the concept well. I like to strike down on
the ball hard and get large divots … normal flight tends towards a fade.
I think this help explain why. Interesting. ´╗┐

Kyle Truax says:

I just got smarter from viewing this video.

Thanks Mark!´╗┐

Digby Howis says:

Brilliant ´╗┐

Brian Lipsey says:

Great video Mark cant wait to get out on the range and try this out.´╗┐

Philip Smith says:

Thankyou…enough said !!´╗┐

GEORGE1470 says:

Thank you very much Mark´╗┐

Dan Cowan says:

Fuck her right in the pussy´╗┐

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