How To Improve Your Chipping Technique For Golf

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VideoJug's local golf expert Rickard Strongert is here to show you how to improve your chipping technique. Learn how to chip your ball onto the green in your golf game like an expert, with VideoJug's help.

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Raymond31923 says:

Very good!!

FunnyJunkTV says:

well he did say “rest the shaft on the inside of your thigh”… if that

JaxxDaemon says:

videojug getting rubbish now

Jack Seaman says:

@ichigorox90 dunlop driver? :L

Therasak Wonganusorn says:

Very good teaching…..

iplaygolfdotnet says:

Thanks for the insight. The way you break every aspect of the swing down on
all the videos is so helpful.

craig mclaughlan says:

clear and simple, thanks.

John Forbes says:

This works on every video! Thumbs up if you know this!

martinigolftees says:

thanks for the tips

pljjs says:

.. he just looks retarded.

ABshookme says:

And me who thought that I was a good golfer. For the last 2 years I have
seen it way over 20 times and still find it useable.

Roomys_ZA says:

Ok so 20secs of wasted time….


Were are you videojug guys located?

NerdAngry says:

where is the humor :[

cosmicquandary says:

Where is this course at?! Looks beautiful

AaronsShots says:

we want cocktail guy back

donturnbak09 says:

he’s hot

martinigolftees says:

@pmontoya ha

ichigorox90 says:

I can hit my 5 wood farther than I can hit my driver any suggestions?

TouchingThought says:

What in sam Hell…

Howard Chambers says:

Thanks a lot. Great vid…..

Bluecrew27 says:

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golfer. If you could please take a second and just give it a look, I’d
appreciate it and hey if you enjoy it, please come back! Thanks, site is
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Willem Corstjens says:

check out my golf swing 🙂

sk8erbmx says:

first comment lol my m8 finds this helpful

Derek Comer says:

Another great video tutorial. Thanks

andrew forward says:

I flew my rabbit to Spain with me, couldn’t be without him.

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