My Titleist Iron Fitting! Will It Be 620 MB 620 CB T100 Or T200 ??

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I get an iron fitting from the Titleist Fitting Tech Rep showing the fitting procedure that that Titleist deliver on a daily basis at fitting events around the Country.

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Stephen DiBari says:

How do these compare to Ping i210 and TM P760 ? In terms of feel & forgiveness?

Luke Warmwater says:

Don't think the T100 is bigger than the CB. Pretty sure it is smaller and has a thinner top line. Would not a Titleist rep know this?

He then said that in the longer irons they have tried to lower the launch. That is also incorrect. They have tried to lower launch in the short irons for a more penetrating ball flight. In longer irons they would want a little higher launch to help stopping power on the green. This review is really full of incorrect information Mike.

Michael Nowak says:

I watch a lot of your videos. The audio is not that good. Consider a Lav because the echo with your accent makes the words hard to understand. Peace!

majorsmythe1 says:

A pro once told me, the first thing to look at with irons is you must like the look, they must fit your eye. Titleist irons always have fit my eye. Yes Mizuno feels softer, but as the pro told me "go play a softer ball". I wish Mizunos looked like Titleist. ( Mizuno short irons, not good). When buying new irons, first thing is they must look good to you. Love the look of the Titleist CB and MB.

Adam Mellick says:

New Mizuno MP-20 for the win. AP2 if you had to choose from this lot (T100)

Ryan Levins says:

Which KBS shaft did you have in the T100's?

Jamie Thomas says:

Hard to hear. Need to invest in wireless mic

Damian says:

Stick with the Wilsons

Keith Finley says:

I think you should chuck the V6 3 & 4 irons back in the bag!

Paul Bown says:

I just wish Titleist felt as soft as a Mizuno/ Wilson/Srixon

historicus146 says:

Need to get the elevate shafts into the Titleist without an upcharge
T100s very close to the AP2s

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