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Click For Free Video: https://topspeedgolf.com/your-free-video/?vid=125057023 Powerful Golf Swing Lesson | The Left Leg In Crazy Detail

How would you like to know what exactly the left leg does while a golf swing is being performed? Did you know that when moved correctly the left leg corrects other key components of the golf swing? Well, it can! Your hips would square out, less chunking, and increasing contact are just a few. So if you feel like you bend in your swing or bump your hips, this powerful golf swing lesson video is for you. Let's learn how to correct these and build a stronger smoother swing! Let's get started!

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Darren McCormack says:

Great content, external rotation of left leg in backswing, never thought of that move and has totally change my swing

The Flapper says:

Thanks Guys the best explanation I have seen for this missunderstood part of the swing

Frank Q says:

external rotation!KEYWORD!

Alkaline Performance says:

Clay you are a beast of a teacher…continued success! Will be send many students your way!

Nick Kenis says:

Just a great video. Great!

Transcendent Studios says:

Outstanding video clay
Love it

Lars Ekman says:

good video, i have a question, i visited a pro that said my left side collapse a little at impact making bad shots, he said do this with your right knee and your left side can not collapse, it worked for me. What u think about that? Is there a way to move the right knee and leg so the left side can not collapse or sway? I only hit 9 irons but it was amazing how well it worked out.

grazer770 says:

gotcha now I understand the difference

graham jones says:

Great video,even tho Im fat n old Im very flexible/mobile joints, thinking turn/coil whether shoulders or hips makes me overdo/overturn everything.Feeling pressure in the glutes/legs as shown above causes good things to happen with out overdoing!

Cuda Garage says:

This is gold. You could also say that the left knee move automatically shallows the club. Best video I've seen in awhile. Thanks Clay.. great communication and instruction.

roger whiting says:

I realize now that I deal with that early extension myself. Will this drill help with distance as well? I feel my hips clearing better now just trying dry swings and my lead leg extension feels proper now.

Clifton Regis says:

This may actually solve my dreaded Block. I will give it try. Thanks!

alan harrison says:

very interesting and a great explanation

StarlitShadows says:

Excellent video! Makes perfect sense to me why I have had these issues. Excessive hip bump, not enough rotation. But it was functional because I wasn't shallowing the club. Now that I know how to do that it makes perfect sense to do this to square the face.

Guitarlos L says:

I've been "playing" for about 18 years and I once dropped my hcp to a 12, but it didn't stay there long and I quit golf for about 5 years. Now I'm back to the game and I took some very expensive lessons that helped me identify my issues, but I had no success in fixing those errors. With the help of recording my swing, and a full membership at topspeedgolf.com, I'm finally seeing some progress in my swing. It's been only two weeks of doing the drills and practicing, but the quality of my contact is improving dramatically. I'm standing up a lot less in my downswing, I'm swinging from inside to out, and my lag has gone from an awful casting motion to actually seeing some lag. All thanks to this guys videos. Best 50$ I've ever spent on golf.

Grant Markman says:

Man Clay this is some good stuff. I've taken many lessons from several instructors that could not solve my problems, it's always been my lower body. Pretty much had to figure it out myself

shtak21able says:

It's like trying to memorize and co-ordinate a dance move….good luck to me.

woodledog says:

Incredible demos, this guy is a real student of the swing and he is able to explain and demonstrate with total clarity.

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